Healthy heart diet 2

Healthy heart diet

Buzz Caroki knows food. He also knows all the right things when it comes to a healthy diet.

"You probably do not have to smoke, probably do not have to drink and probably have to eat healthy foods, I mean low fat, especially because you do not want your arteries to clog."

But like many Americans, what he says and what he's doing is miles away.

"I'll give you the truth, I smoke, I drink and my favorite food is pizza and wings," says Kokroci.

Marjorie Chutkin helps with healthy eating plans.

"I get many patients who come for a heart diet because they can have a high triglyceride with high cholesterol or even have a heartbeat," says Chutkin, a clinical dietitian with the Lee Memorial Health System.

Here's what you need to look for:

"A heart diet is limited in fat and high in fiber, which includes all your grains, fruits and vegetables, dried grains and nuts," Chutkin says.

The misconception is that red meat does not cut into a good heart diet. Not true. In fact, the difference is in the meat.

"You have to choose cuts of red meat and usually tell my patients to look for the word loin, round, cut so that the fillet of the round bottom is a lean cut," says Chutkin.

And when you eat out, remember this:

"When you order your dishes, try to order foods that say they are baked, roasted, baked away from sauces," says Chutkin.

Limit your food portions and add party to the exercises and have the recipe for success.

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