Lecture on Psychiatry: An Introduction to Psychotherapy 2

Lecture on Psychiatry: An Introduction to Psychotherapy

Presentation of "Introduction to Psychotherapy", which systematically reviews the following:
1. Freudian concepts:
a. Stages of sexual development
b. Models of the mind:
– The Qatars
– Topographic
– Structural
° C. Analysis of dreams
e. Transmission and retransmission
2. Defense mechanisms
3. Jungian Analytical Psychology
4. ClaII's objective relationship theory
5. Group psychotherapy
6. Therapeutic communities
7. Family therapy
8. Other psychotherapies (historical and modern)
9. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

The presentation ends with a set of 5 MCQs for self-assessment.

This video was written by:
Dr. S. Rajjopal MBBS, DPM (Ireland), MRCPsych (Great Britain), CCST (UK)
Psychiatric counselor
Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

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