Everything in moderation? Even heart disease? 2

Everything in moderation? Even heart disease?

The health authorities seem to have taken a patronizing view that the public can not cope with the truth and would prefer science to be divorced.

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It is worth revisiting and interrupting the data of Fremingham, the bell curve graph. This is a very important concept of understanding. At first glance it looks like those who get heart disease and those who do not have very similar levels of cholesterol, but this is only at "normal" levels. To get the optimal level of cholesterol (one has to eat a very healthy diet.) It's worth doing because we're not just talking about life and death with heart disease, but about life and the cause of death # 1.

For more information on this concept of normal risk and dying from all normal illnesses, keep track of when low risk means high risk (

I keep thinking about the patronizing paternalism of the authorities in the next video, Optimal diet: Just give me a straight, Doc (Stay tuned!

What is so bad that you have high cholesterol? It is not only involved in the formation of an atherosclerotic plaque. Cholesterol crystals can be detached from our arterial lining

But wait a minute, what about fluffy compared to dense cholesterol? Do you see the amount of cholesterol? (

Can not you just take cholesterol lowering statins? See The Actual Benefit of a Diet Against Drugs (

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