The Science of Subjective Welfare, a.k.a Happiness. 2

The Science of Subjective Welfare, a.k.a Happiness.

We often think of the science of mental illness (from 2 to 6), but not well-being (shaping from 7 to 9). Here's a primer ….

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Dr. Mike Evans is a doctor at St. Michaela and associate professor of family medicine. He is a scientist at Li Ka Shing's Institute of Cognition and holds a chair for the involvement of patients in the field of nutrition at the University of Toronto.

Written, narrated and produced by Dr. Mike Evans
Illustrations of Lisa Sorsa
Director and photographer and produced by Nick De Penser
Editor, David Schmidt
History / Graphic Leader, Dissa Kauk
Production Assistant, Chris Nissing
Operations Director, Mike Heinrich

© 2016 Michael Evans and Reframe Health Films Inc.