The ideal body fat% for aesthetics and general health 2

The ideal body fat% for aesthetics and general health

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Best percentage of body fat to look and feels great

What's up, guys, Shaun Nalewanyj,,, and today I want to talk briefly about what I would consider the "best" percentage of body fat year for men who are training in a gym with aesthetics like their main goal.

How can lean naturally occur naturally without side effects?

There will always be rare genetic abnormalities that can get away with maintaining very low body fat and a totally torn body all the time, but for the majority of the boys there I would say that of about 10% body fat like A minimum of about 14-15% body fat is the "sweet spot".

As long as you have some decent muscle development to do this, this range of fat will give you an impressively fragile body and at the same time your mental and physical performance will be on top and you will be able to keep it comfortable all year round without the typical " effects ".

Unfortunately, many guys who regularly follow popular fitness figures and social media in the online fitness community have indeed been misled over the years about body fat and think that 6% body fat or 8% body fat is somehow. a standard level of brittleness that everyone has to strive for.

The reality is that true 10% body fat measured on DEXA scanning is actually very weak (most other methods that measure the percentage of body fat are heavily inaccurate), and most men will not be able to lower lower than without to experience a low level. fat side effects, not to mention that even up to 20% is still considered a healthy percentage of body fat for men.

The human body needs a certain amount of body fat for optimal functioning, and there is really nothing healthy when you have a wrinkled back or perfectly torn lower abdomen, and the idea that it is a "fitness" is actually a really dangerous message that can go wrong with people themselves and even lead to things like eating disorders and other unhealthy behaviors.

If you try to go lower than about 10% body fat as a natural trainee and stay there for a long period of time, you will in most cases be too hungry, physically drained, mentally tired, anxious / irritable, and less motivated. sex drive just to name a few things.

Some of you may think that this message is a little discouraging, but the good news here is that most people underestimate when they suggest their own body fat or someone else, and the reality is that the real 12% body fat is actually quite dry ,

That is why I think that in most cases 10% are minimal as a year-round condition and, frankly, a fairly good percentage of the boys will not even be able to support this. I would say that if you want to operate your peak physically and mentally then 12% is probably more realistic as a constant percentage of body fat.

In the end, if you are doing a cutting phase and going down to very low body fat temporarily for a certain event, which is good, but with regard to a healthy, constant, perennial percentage of body fat that is still weak and aesthetic for most boys , 10% would be the absolute minimum … 12% would be a very good balance in my opinion … but even up to 14 or 15% will still look pretty good as long as you have some good muscle mass to go along with her.

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