Jon Kabat-Zinn - Achieving an Optimal Health Conference 2016 2

Jon Kabat-Zinn – Achieving an Optimal Health Conference 2016

Join us every October at Georgetown University at our annual conference to achieve optimal health! At this one-day conference we talk about how health happens inside the doctor's office and within hospitals. We also talk about how health happens in the grocery store and how it happens when you talk to your grandmother and your child and how the 35,000 decisions we take each day affect your health. Overall health happens when we learn how to care for our own bodies, minds and spirit. Health happens when people are happy and this happens when we know what methods work best in what circumstances to prevent and treat.


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In this session:

Attention and Optimal Health: The Challenge of Life and the Adventure to Live our Life As It Mattered

In this conversation, John will explore what might be considered under "optimal health," and whether this is a condition that a person can achieve, or a way of life and practice that takes him at any moment to varying degrees, where is that moment. It will discuss the value, discipline and cost effectiveness of cultivating attention in everyday life and research supporting its effects in terms of improved quality of life, reduced stress, pain and symptoms of chronic disease and possible biological pathways to enhance and optimize the wellbeing of brain level, genome, cell aging, and society more widely.
Assoc. Prof. John Kabat-Zin is internationally renowned for his work as a scholar, writer and meditation teacher engaged in bringing mainstream attention to medicine and society. He is the Executive Director of the Center for Consciousness in Medicine, Health and Society at the University of Massachusetts.

John Cabat-Zin recruits chronically ill patients who do not respond well to traditional treatments to take part in his newly created eight-week stress reduction program, which we now call MBSR. Since then, significant research has been conducted demonstrating how attention-based interventions improve mental and physical health – comparable to other psychological interventions. The MBSR technique has spread to over 720 medical centers, hospitals and clinics around the world.

He is a professor of medical emigration at the University of Massachusetts Medical University and is the author of many books, including a life of a complete catastrophe, arrival of your own door, and arriving at our feelings. ,