What is HIIT? 7 proven benefits of HIIT and how to do it right Healthy Nerd 2

What is HIIT? 7 proven benefits of HIIT and how to do it right Healthy Nerd

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HIIT: Interval training with high intensity

It is a training technique where every effort is made for a short period of time, followed by a rest period or active recovery.

Both workouts and breaks can last for as long as you like, but with most workouts you will usually find intervals of about 10 seconds to 1 minute, and the total workout lasts between 4-20 minutes.

Workspaces can be done with almost every exercise. Sprints, Kettlebell Swings, Squat Jumps, etc. Everything works as long as the exercise is done with a lot of intensity.

And rest periods can include: jogging, jumping on the ground or just cooling.

But now you may be wondering why you are doing it? Is there any advantage over regular cardio?

Here are 7 proven HIIT benefits for why it works.

Benefit # 1. You will save time in the salon

When I was a personal trainer in Dallas, Texas, the excuse # 1 that I heard was out of shape was something in time. People would say "It takes too much time to get to the gym." Or "I'm too busy."

Instead of regular cardio, where you spend less effort over a longer period of time, the good workout is much shorter.

Benefit # 2. No equipment needed.

Yes, you can perform HIIT with any exercise, but it can also be done from almost anywhere without weights or equipment.

So if you can not get to the gym this day, doing a workout from home is always a great second option.

Another serious advantage of hiit is that it enables you to

Benefit # 3. Mix things

Many people complain that they are unable to adhere to the routine because they are boring.

Since HIIT is a simple protocol, not a specific exercise, it can be done with it

Sprinklers, jumping ropes, battle ropes, jugs, bores and whatever you think.

Benefit # 4. People seem to stick to HIIT

In a study of 44 participants conducted by the School of Health and Exercise,
we see that people very much prefer HIIT workouts to other forms of cardio.

Benefit # 5 Improved V02 Max

Your V02 is the amount of oxygen you can use during an intense maximum exercise. We see in many studies that those who use HIIT vs Steady State Cardio have a much higher upgraded v02 max.

Benefit # 6. HIIT meets the regular EPOC of Cardio

There is now a lot of noise around EPOC or the excessive consumption of HIIT oxygen. This is burning extra calories after a workout. While most claims have found a highly exaggerated effect of HIIT on EPOC, it is true that a 20-minute HIIT session will give you similar post-burning effects such as steady-state cardio for 60 minutes.

Benefit # 7. Hiit burns just as much fat

In numerous studies, we see that HIIT burns only as many calories as a steady state of cardio in half the time and even in some studies, one-third of the time.

In another study, we see that HIIT aims and burns more body fat than traditional cardio.

So in a much shorter time period you will get the same amount of calories and potentially more fat burning using HIIT.

Okay, let's look at some general questions.

Question 1. So you tell me that HIIT is the magic formula to get rid of my stomach and take sexy 8 packs?


While HIIT can define help in your fat loss efforts, you should first eat a large diet if fat loss is your goal.

Question # 2. How Do You Properly Do HIIT?


Question # 3. I am in cardio routine and I love it, should I stop my routine and use HIIT instead?


The goal is to find a form of exercise and diet that you love and you can adhere to.

Do I have to do HIIT before or after weights?

I would not say either.

HIIT is incredibly beneficial to the body because it is so intense.

Make this kind of training separate from your weight. ,