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Elimination of food starvation – HI-VIBE Chicago

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HI-VIBE is an organic super-nutritional juice located in the North River Area in Chicago, Illinois. At Hi-Vibe you will find products that are formulated for a specific functional purpose using only the highest quality ingredients possible. Our current offers include organic cold pressed juices, Acai & Pitaya cups, Supermarket Shells, Bulletproof Coffee, Teas and Teas, Active Bone Broth, and various high-quality salads and snacks. 100% organic, 100% of the time.

"Whether it's ice cream, chocolate or chips, almost everyone gets hungry. So how do the hunger work and why do we get them? Many things related to thirst are related to hunger. The feeling of thirst is considered to feel a sense of "need" or "must have", resulting from the middle brain.

We must have the feeling that ultimately it makes us succumb to our food. When we eat these food-worthy foods, the dopamine hormone is released. Once the dopamine is released, the body feels good, so we obviously want more of this food to feel good.

By succumbing to thirst, you probably do not have to deal with the main reason for it – namely, that something is out of the question, most likely your blood sugar. Instead of succumbing to appetite, use superfoods for your benefit in the following strategies:

(1) Add foodstuff foods that contain blood glucose-stabilizing minerals such as chrome and zinc (found in cinnamon, almonds or beef). Nutritional nutrients are full of nutrients that please our brain and exclude thirst signals.

(2) Avoid processed sugars and excessive starchy foods that will promote chronic high insulin production, which means poor blood sugar control and more appetite.

(3) Balance every meal and breakfast by including enough healthy fats and proteins … so what you eat does not cause blood sugar crash and leads to starvation.

Bonus Buster # 1
When you are "so close" to succumb to a desire for food, kidnap yourself. Get away from breakfast and create a deviation. Studies show that if you are dealing with non-food tasks, your appetite decreases and you are more likely to make a healthier choice of food. Simple tasks such as sipping mint tea or brushing teeth will create deviation and turn breakfast into thought.

Bonus Buster # 2
New research at the University of Missouri has found that eating high-protein breakfasts (about 35 grams) can help control appetite later in the day. (People only felt the effects in three days!)

Bonus, craving Buster # 3
Hunger can be a direct order from the army of bad bugs in our stomach. The Fix: Build a better army of good bacteria in your gut. Add a daily dose of healthy probiotic power plants such as kefir, myso, sauerkraut, combo or our house made from probiotic coconut yoghurt. And invest in a high-performance probiotic supplement.

Hunger should not control you! I can help you, 1-on-1, eliminate your appetite and optimize your blood sugar in our new Hi-Vibe Health Coaching program. Go to hi-vibe.com/health-coach-inquiry for a free consultation.

Video starring Jessica Dogert, Registered Nutritionist and Holistic Health Care Coach at Hi-Vibe.