The Importance of High Diet Foods with Frank Tuffano 2

The Importance of High Diet Foods with Frank Tuffano

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Are you getting enough nutrients in your diet? Are you suffering from some deficiencies related to proper bone development and such?

Frank Tuffano is YouTuber, who makes videos about food density and predator diet:

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How did Frank start the predator diet?
How many feeds and plant foods do you need to eat 10:35
What nutrients do animals have plants do not have?
Disadvantages of Adoption and Multivitamins 22:15
The most nutritious animal feed on the planet 29:45
Can you get too many nutrients and vitamins 42:50?
Why would you eat a predator Diet 57:15
You have to eat plant foods 01:11:00

And much more…

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Podcast with Marty Kendall About the Density of Nutrients:

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