Optimal Health, Do You Really Want It? | Mitochondria basics with Thomas van Doorn 2

Optimal Health, Do You Really Want It? | Mitochondria basics with Thomas van Doorn

All You Need For Optimal Health | Mitochondria basics & Optimal Health with Thomas van Doorn & injured dUmbass.

If you struggle with injuries and health problems, this is something you're going to like. You probably can not imagine, but light, water and magnetism will help you with your whole life. Think about sleep, energy & preventing disease. This science will help you understand the basics to achieve optimal health!

☀️ Not so long ago I got to learn a bit more on the science of light. It turns out this has an incredible effect on your circadian rhythm and overall health. ⚗️ In quantum biology you learn about the systems that light take part in the human species. The man who opened my eyes is named Dr. Jack Kruse. I highly recommend to check his Vermont 2017 talk to the school you in the fundamentals of health. (link)

💡 2 / 3th of the ATP we need on a daily basis is produced by the sun IF our skin is exposed, cool fact. If you drink clean water, you need even less. But I got into the science of light, meeting Thomas van Doorn was one of the results. This man is schooled in the quantum science of light and preaches what he teaches. He is an apprentice of Dr. Jack Kruse and a holistic practitioner. Using light, water and magnetism to optimize people's lives is what he does under the name of Your Health Concept.

This interview may interest you if you have questions like:

What is optimal health?
🔴 How do I achieve optimal health?
🔴 Mitochondria and optimal heath
🔴 Mitochondria and light
🔴 Mitochondria and injuries
🔴 Mitochondria and disease
🔴 Mitochondria tips
🔴 Mitochondria and Dr. Jack Kruse
🔴 Light, water and magnetism
🔴 What do I need for optimal health?
🔴 Health and fitness

Enjoy this short talk and leave all your questions down below. ⬇️
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