What foods are keto + nutrients dense? (Review of Nutrites) • Rafael Sirtelli 2

What foods are keto + nutrients dense? (Review of Nutrites) • Rafael Sirtelli

Listen to Rafael Sertoli, co-founder of Nutrita, the new low-carbohydrate / keto search engine explains how it can help you make a more informed food choice for the most nutritious foods.

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The Internet is flooded with all kinds of food information. However, this means that sometimes finding simple answers can be challenging. Even with his history of science, Rafael discovered that he was becoming more and more disappointed when he tried to make sense of all the data on what we should eat.

So, along with his colleagues, he devised a solution – Nutrites – a science-based food search engine with simple rating systems that are suitable for people looking for keto / low-carb supplements that do not lift the insulin they need.

Today we have the opportunity to talk about how Nuutra's rating systems work and how we can use them to get simple advice or to dive deeper into the fiber to further improve our diet based on personal goals.

If you know someone who is interested in learning more about how Nutrites can help them understand all the nutrition data using simple meaningful results, this interview is for them.

I really enjoyed this interview with Rafael and am excited about using Nutrita when I search for vitamin and mineral information about different types of foods and whether they are friendly to keto or not.

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