Group therapy 2

Group therapy

Tired of having no camera and camera, Casey decided to buy his HPX in the summer of 2016. This camera has become a common tool anyone can use. Given that last winter was a record winter for much of the Western states, the boys got it. Early in the morning, they were forced to take hot tea from the stove and get out of the door just to find huge snow banks that blocked the sleighs and cars. After we dug the cars, we would have to face the head with the one he wanted and had the appropriate avalanche safety training. The high-octane corn feeders warmed up and the smell of a burning 2-stroke oil settled into our full-face helmets and the gang would come out on the back. We went through zone after zone in an eye of eye. It was an escape from reality for all. The boys would head back to the back sometimes up to 7 days in a row. Some days were strictly accommodated, some were spent exploring new zones, and some were simply playing football with the boys. After the season was over, there was no solid plan for the shoot. After months of sitting on a hard disk that gathered dust, Casey handed over cadres to Gareth Jurah. This is our group therapy …

Editing: Garrett Jurach

Borders: Armenian Piroz, Tim Alexander, Blake Hunter, Christian Mares, Cory Smith, Ian Daly, Danny Kern, David Gray, Matt Foster, Dylan Bonnie, Mike Burton, Sponzo, Nyal Romaneck, Casey Pletz

Cinematographers: Casey Pletz, Armen Piruz, Nyal Romaneck, Gareth Jurah, Danny Kern, David Gray