Hidden costs of aging 2

Hidden costs of aging


Instead of trying to overcome you with a list of statistics, we have created a meditation for the aging it considers worldly (how many calories you have consumed); the sickness (how many drug visits you have made); and metaphysical (what if we lived up to 1000?). With the participation of people aged between 0 and 102, we put the face of the numbers and we were able to build something unique to the video of aging: a sense of optimism. After all, we should not be afraid to live longer.

Production – SFST
Executive Producers – Blaine Ludmi
Scenario – Michael Gaston
Director – Joanni Causs
DS – Jason Hakala
Camera operator – Rosie Heffrannan
Post Production – Joanne Causs
Voice Over – Bryan Gaston
Production assistant – Stephanie Quatt