Oedipus - therapeutic scenes 2

Oedipus – therapeutic scenes

For Paul Driessens & apos; Oedipus & apos; I have animated the therapeutic scenes containing many classic NFB-symbols. This video contains several of these scenes.

Oedipus, who can not understand why his love affair has gone wrong, decides to join a therapeutic group of people with relationship-related challenges and is urged to go back in time regressing to discover the root of his love affair .

Paul Driessen, known for his conceptually challenging animated puzzles, has recreated this backward version of the classic legend.

writer and director: Paul Driesen
design and animation: Paul Driessen
Oedipus Animation in Therapy: Frodo Kuppers
Executive Producers: Arnut Rijken, David Verl
Producers: Marcy Page, Arnoud Rijken, Michiel J. Snijders
produced by: Canada's National Film Council, il Luster Films

© 2011 NFB / il Luster Films