Wheel of Welfare 2

Wheel of Welfare


We believe that the way we think and feel is just as important for a long, happy life as good food and exercise.

Why? Because research across the world shows that people with higher levels of well-being are more resistant to colds, feel more connected to others, and even live up to 7 years longer. They recover from surgery faster, feel less pain, are more creative and better solve problems.

Until recently, scientists believed that well-being was inherited – so if your parents are pessimistic, you'll probably be.

Now we know differently. We know that our genes, upbringing and circumstances account for only 60% of our well-being. The other 40% is limited to how we choose to spend our time and our general attitude towards life.

If you want to know how to improve welfare, check out our Welfare Wheel – this is WoW for a short while. It includes six aspects of prosperity – all related to a positive action proposal.

So, for the Body, the action is "active," because for the mind it is "preservation of the learning," the Spirit of "giving," the people of "connection," the place is "noticing," and the Planet makes us care.

If you are interested in prosperity as we – whether you are a person, girl, group or government – welcome. We hope that this site is a great place to explore, study and share information about things that help you positively and feel better.