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xcb2 demo1

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Reno is a picturesque summer enjoyment with trees and flowers in full bloom, contrasting with the dry rocky desert. This route is preferred as it develops between the two landscapes, climbs, descends, and eventually follows the rolling Truckee River in the city center. This is a fun trip; the landscape always changes when the road moves from urban to suburban to rural. The sun is high and the sky is as blue as it can be! You have a great workout!

Many of us die hard hammer heads forget to practice in the green. Every journey becomes a hammer and, despite our oath, we slow it down, our ego will take control! Is that me alone? The Extreme Calorie Burner series focuses on working in the aerobic zone, enabling our bodies to metabolize fat (aerobic) instead of burning nutrients in our cells (anaerobic). However, this does not mean that we can be complacent to set our hearts at maximum cruise control 69%. No! We must demand our bodies and then leave them to achieve the "EXTREME" part of the burning of extreme calories. This trip does exactly that!