How to increase your H2Viva experience 2

How to increase your H2Viva experience

Jay Hare, proud of the Hydrate member club, shows you the most effective ways to increase your H2Viva experience. Find out which bottles are the most sensible to use. Discover tips and tricks for the best results!

Advantages of molecular hydrogen in water:
What if there was a natural way to reduce pain and inflammation? To improve your energy, cognitive functions, exercise achievements and recovery? Do you neutralize harmful free radicals and support the enzyme and antioxidant production of your body? And also to hydrate your cells and maintain your overall health and wellness? Scientists have found that H2 water – molecular hydrogen or bicameral hydrogen water – has all these properties and more. H2 has become a core area of ​​research.

Healing property in healing waters:
There are some natural sources or springs in the world that offer healing or healing properties. Scientists recently discovered H2 in samples analyzed by Nordenau (Germany), Tlacote (Mexico) and Hita Tenryosui, Japan1-3. The existence of H2 in these springs (and others) may be due to the reaction of alkaline-earth metal water or molecules producing hydrogen gas and algae molecules4. Nonetheless, the available science of H2 and its benefits seems to explain their healing properties.

What is Molecular Hydrogen?
Hydrogen is the lightest and most simple element appearing first on the Periodic Table of Elements. Molecular hydrogen is also the smallest molecule consisting of only one electron and one proton. Due to its small size, it is able to penetrate even subcellular structures like mitochondria, making it extremely bioavailable. It even crosses the blood-brain barrier. It is colorless, odorless, non-metallic, non-toxic and tasteful.

Molecular Hydrogen Test:
The body of science on the health benefits of H2 has progressed rapidly in recent years thanks to research conducted by researchers from around the world. More than 600 articles have been published, which are the subject of a review of the effects of H2 on humans, animals and individual cells. It shows that H2 regulates over 200 biomolecules and appears to benefit from 166 health states and disease patterns affecting virtually every organ in the human body. H2 acts on human metabolism in three main areas:
• H2 rapidly and easily converts the toxic free (hydroxyl OH-) radicals into water (H2 + 2OH -> 2 H2O);
• H2 supports antioxidant homeostasis. In other words, the body's own antioxidants are used and maintained; and
H2 promotes cell signaling, cellular metabolism and gene expression. This affects inflammation, obesity and aging mechanisms.

Molecular hydrogen is safe and natural:
H2 is not alien to the body as a pharmaceutical drug. Your body produces small amounts of H2 gas from the bacteria in your digestive tract as it degrades plant fibers that spread into the bloodstream. Research has shown that delivering H2 in higher concentrations than your body can produce is much more effective. In fact, drinking water with H 2 is used in most studies and is the most effective way to achieve its powerful benefits. Science for H2 moves rapidly from theory to practical applications. H2 ionizers and generators allow medical professionals and consumers to use the health benefits of H2.
"Effects have been reported in substance in all organs covering 31 categories of diseases that can be divided into 166 disease models, human diseases, pathologies associated with treatment, and pathophysiological conditions of plants with predominant diseases associated with oxidative stress and inflammatory diseases. " Investigation of medical gases 2015; 05:12

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