Kelly Mental Health # Shared experiences 2

Kelly Mental Health # Shared experiences

Inspired by the goal of increasing mental health awareness and raising awareness of British Columbia services, Kelty Mental Health has teamed up with Thinkingbox to develop a social media campaign #SharedExperiences that raises awareness of the Kelty Mental Health brand and its available resources . on the personal stories of those affected by mental illness, Thinkingbox has created a fascinating film with animation and a supportive story that depicts living experiences to those who have overcome the challenges of their mental health. The content of the animated video itself was distilled into mini-content, which was used as part of a five-week social media campaign that makes people visit Kelty Mental Health's website and resource center. During the #SharedExperiences campaign, both organic and paid access helped raise brand awareness among the mainstream audience. In addition to increasing brand coverage and engagement, Kelty Center Facebook and Twitter communities also saw an increase in the overall popularity of pages.