10 ladders of pure food 2

10 ladders of pure food

What you eat is able to change your health and overall well-being for the better or if your diet is full of processed junk food to worse.
Follow these 5 pillars of pure nutrition to take a healthy, well-balanced lifestyle and enjoy a positive relationship with food.
Go Go! Eliminate processed and unhealthy food from your diet and choose complete foods with each meal and snack. Whole food is unprocessed and eaten in its natural state, it is a very dense food ingredient and should be the center of every meal.
Too much or too little is not healthy, even with foods that are good for you. Moderation is key. Keeping a diary helps you keep in mind the type of food you eat. After a week, you'll be able to recognize which foods give you more time and which foods increase your blood sugar levels, leaving you slow and unable to focus.
Think of food as a food. Watching food as a way to nourish your body and mind rather than pleasure vessels will give you the prospect of a healthier diet and allow you to respect your body and therefore improve what you put in it.
Stop counting calories because you are more than a series of calories, nutrition or scale counts. Learn to assess yourself and increase your self-esteem by establishing lasting and profound changes in dietary habits.
Love your fat! Fat is a basic macro element without which we can not live, the key is in choosing the right fats in the right quantities. Whole foods such as nuts, seeds, avocados and olive oil are all big fats.
Tell you about the diets and start enjoying a healthy lifestyle by being smart about the choices you make. Do not follow any fad for a few weeks just to regain your weight loss instead of choosing a cleaner diet rather than another diet.
Start each meal with the lowest calorie foods that will make you eat less foods with a higher calorie content. Salads, soups and fruits are a good choice.
Plan your dish with something from all major food groups, including fruits, grains, vegetables, and lean proteins. A well-balanced lifestyle means eating different types of foods from each group.
Be careful of any bite. Eating in tide usually means that we end up eating a lot more than we should. So focus on your food, with taste, how it smells and how you feel.

Enjoy! Treat yourself to healthy eating, keep in mind how well it feels to treat your body properly and fill it with real, complete, and very nutritious food.