Anthony Clint - SIPS - HD Procedure 2

Anthony Clint – SIPS – HD Procedure

SIPS means gastrointestinal surgery of the pylorus. This is a new barrier procedure, which is a variant of a Biliopancreatic diversion with a duodenal switch (DS for short). Also known as the gastro-ectomy of the duodenal-ring-anastomosis sleeve or circulatory DS.

SIPS was developed by surgeons Daniel Kotam (Utah, USA) and Mitch Rosslyn (New York) modeled in close coordination with the SADI-S procedure published by Dr. Torres (Spain).

SIPS is essentially a "super-charged" sleeve gastrectomy. The first part of the operation is to create a sleeve gairectomy in the usual procedure. The second part is to circumvent a part of the small intestine beyond the stomach to reduce the absorption of calories from the consumed foods.

Mr. Clough will offer a SIPS operation through Epworth Hospital in Melbourne.

If you have regained your weight or are not satisfied with your results after a stomach surgery, it may be worth consulting with Mr Clough about the role of SIPS in this environment.