Kemialliset Ystävät 2

Kemialliset Ystävät

«Pujottelua» (the official music video) from the album SIIPI EMPII, released on 6 April 2018 by Leaving Records

This video is made with the support of the Finnish Music Foundation (MES).

Inspired by an excerpt from Jan Andercen's text: "Once I had risen endlessly in one pixel and felt that the path was open, leading to the source of unnamed food. »

Full text below


On a beautiful flower I land to take my breath. I relax my wings and enjoy a few drops of food.

I watch the nature that gets involved with mysterious coloring, the effects of color and light. The coloring of a bird is made up of single fins and feathers … like a mosaic. I'm considering the masquerade of a hunter dressed in camouflage and shining bright orange. I once saw a seagull and I thought he was an angel. I once infinitely zoomed in one pixel and felt that the road was open, leading to the source of unnamed food. The sun inspired tons of art, such as the solarium. That's the whole scenery! Bless the whole world!

I flew over a wall separating the city and the forest. Several naked witches rehearsed her equilibrium on her. I flew over a monastery and saw people gather together to form prayer amplifiers. I flew over a lawn that was where I did not need to grow food. On the silk road I saw a truck wearing cotton fabrics printed for Jan Andersen.

I'm on a real meadow. I realize that love gives you wings and that every wing of my wings can cause a tornado in some distant land. Torn bridges, flying in the air, the herds of cars slid into the ocean. My wings are closed, rolling in one another in circular movements – producing a little rattle too high for the human ear to catch it.

Jan Anderson