Meat helmet 2

Meat helmet

The meat gland is a gentle look at the fast food chains, the absurd experience of fast food chains selling to healthcare. More recently, McDonald's produces "Complete Adult Food," along with the "reward" the child will receive with a pedometer. This step is an amazing attempt to fail to redirect the growing awareness of McDonald's most unhealthy menus. The SWAMP meat gown represents the opposite food for adults; designed to reveal, instead of concealing, the contradictions inherent in healthy fast food.

Big Mac is a standard unit in fast food iconography. It also has 560 calories, and if you want to eat one and be physically fit – the "meat helmet" will teach you to expose you to the pains of enjoying such luxury. Controlled by the processor in the belt, the pneumatic "air muscles" control the helmet, forcing the user to eat at certain intervals determined by the processor located on the belt. The on-board program sends commands to an electronic valve that controls the control of the supply of compressed air to the air muscles. The keyboard allows the user to enter the number of calories that will be consumed (Big Mac = 560). , starting the forced chewing of the helmet of the user (8-hour workout!