Official Trailer for My Feeding - iPhone App Grand Launch 2

Official Trailer for My Feeding – iPhone App Grand Launch

My Nutrition – Live Healthy
My Nutrition is designed to make eating healthier. Instead of relying on calorie counters, nutritional indices, and other health and nutrition applications, My Nutrition lets you do everything in one easy application. With 8000 + Indexed Foods Directly from USDA, My Nutrition is the most comprehensive, most comprehensive nutritional application on the market. The best of all is that it is designed for your health!

The motto of Codekia: Healthy food, healthy life.

No other application, counter, or dietitian planner in the WORLD offers this fully-fed healthy diet experience designed specifically to help consumers take control of their diet.

Characteristics of my meals: ∎ ∎ ∎

Search our database of over 8000 foods by name or group of foods. All indexed foods are directly from the USDA.

Foods can be saved in your Favorites as well as your Avoidance so you do not have to search them again. When you want to check the nutritional facts about these foods, they are just a click away.

Milk and Eggs, spices and herbs, baby foods, fats and oils, etc.

Made by world-class artists, the My Nutrition user interface is designed for the user. An intuitive side menu, appealing style and color, and a huge food database all have satisfaction.

Improve your My Nutrition experience with these awesome in-app purchases.

Do you need more vitamin B12 in your diet? Or maybe vitamin D? Nutrition demand in My Nutrition is a great way to choose the right diet for the right diet. Just select the nutrition tab in the search menu and find the whole food that is high or low in the nutrient you want.

With this feature, My Nutrition will store records of what you eat today for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. What makes this feature big is its ability to calculate total nutrients directly from your daily food intake. This helps you control your daily intake of nutrients.

Create recipes according to your own dietary requirements, My Nutrition will calculate the total nutrients for each recipe to help you understand and manage your dietary intake.

Calculate the calories burned and the recommended daily intake (RDI) for essential nutrients for you and your family members. This is very important for your daily diet plan, your recipes and the management of your diet as it helps you take control and live a healthy lifestyle.

Our expansive 8000+ food database was constructed using information directly from the USDA.
We strive for quality and accuracy when it comes to healthy eating.
Thank you, please enjoy the app!

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