Seasons GrEatings - LocationADoc Infographic 12-5-12 2

Seasons GrEatings – LocationADoc Infographic 12-5-12
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You love to eat during the holidays … BUT if you eat too much when you celebrate, you can play Santa at your next party.

The average adult weight you earn every holiday season is 2 pounds! What's worse … most of us never lose it.

Will you be Unsatisfied or Nice?
– Pecan pie (500 calories / piece) against pumpkin pie (230 calories / piece)
Turkey turkey leg (148 calories / serving) vs. Honey Ham (67 calories / portion)
– Siren (110 calories / portion) vs. fruit tray (80 calories / portion)
– Role for dinner (140 calories / roll) against salad without dressing (15 cal / portion)
– Macaroni and cheese (320 calories / portion) against welding green beans (110 calories / portion)
– Eggnog (391 calories / 8 oz) against champagne (96 calories / 8 ounces)
– Total calories: 1,609 vs. calories Total: 598

If you go Naughty, you will consume 1,609 calories in one session! This will take 2.5 hours of aerobics with great impact to burn.

If you go to Nice, you will only consume 598 calories. You are only in less than 1 hour of great aerobics!

If you pack 2 pounds each year, starting when you are 21 years old, when you are 45 years old, you will get 48 pounds.

How can you keep your vacation from your thighs?

Eat before you go. It is tempting to go to a feast that is hungry, but that means you will probably be sharpened. Snack before you go and save yourself from overeating.
Exercise every day. Take a minimum of 30 minutes of activity a day, even if you prefer hibernation near the fireplace. If you are full of the big holiday, go to the gym the next morning!

Eat slowly. Your brain may want to eat all things, but it also takes 20 minutes to understand that your stomach is full. Drink a glass of water before you start eating – it helps to limit your hunger.

Port Control. Can not you resist the holidays? Serve yourself half the normal portion and save a ton of calories. Then you do not have to worry that you do not fit in New Year's clothing!

So you could not stand the pie

You knew better, but you still ate it and now your waist is a little out of control. Do not worry – you are not on the wrong list of Santa Claus yet! Start making healthy decisions this holiday season!
– 45 million Americans go on a diet each year, but most are unsuccessful.

If you want a solution that works, weight loss practices offer options to help you deal with:
– Individual weight loss plans
– Food replacement programs
– Plans for calorie counters
– Permanent support to make sure you turn it off

Still not getting the desired results?

Ask your physician for procedures such as liposuction to remove these extra inches. The abdomen or lower abdomen may also help you regain this flat stomach.
– Liposuction – $ 2,773
– Tummy Tuck – $ 5,278
– Lift the body – $ 7,311

Make the new year! Doctors are happy to help you achieve your aesthetic goals.


Find a doctor today!
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