Advanced Breastfeeding - Healthy or Dependent? 2

Advanced Breastfeeding – Healthy or Dependent?

This baby is too big to be breast!

The baby will be spoiled!

This baby will never stop breastfeeding!

See all these teeth …. hurt you!

Extended BreastfeedingIf you have heard any of these statements, you may have continued breastfeeding.

Congratulations on making a decision that is beneficial to your child, but also not leaving you behind the negative views of your society are deterring you.

Extensive breastfeeding is certainly not harmful to any child. If your child wants to continue breastfeeding, why not keep doing it? Do not let our sex society discourage you from prolonged breastfeeding. Load the necessary tools, so if you decide to extend your breastfeeding, you will feel comfortable enough to do it.
Watch the video to hear the advice and what I do to make it easier for me to expand breastfeeding.