Lark: Personal slimming trainer and nutritionist 24/7 2

Lark: Personal slimming trainer and nutritionist 24/7

Do you want to lose weight and struggle to stick to it alone? Tired of annoying counts of calories and steps? Help is here. Meet the lark, your personal weight loss trainer on your phone that handles all the busy work and then texts with you to help you succeed.

Has Lark helped me lose twenty pounds and I feel great! Because of how convenient Lark user is, I made it the only application to reduce the weight of my phone. " – Kayla (Lark user)
Our "Our favorite app for Apple Health: It's like Siri for Fitness and Sleep". – Macworld
"It's great because the lark actually cares about how I feel I love it and I've lost about 26.4 pounds." – Liz (Lark user)

== Lark uses your phone to track food, exercise, and sleep – automatically ==
No need for cumbersome, expensive activity traces or sophisticated calorie trackers – Lark automatically tracks the steps, activity and sleep with the built-in motion sensors in your phone. And instead of trying to count the calories, just tell Lark what you eat for lunch and your personal nutritionist will answer in 2 seconds.

Do you have Apple Watch? Talk to your personal trainer at any time and anywhere.

== Coaching one-on-one ==
The lark keeps an eye on all your food, sleep and workouts and then sends you text with the easiest ways to lose weight and get a technician. Every conversation with Lark is unique and informative: it will remind you, push, motivate, teach and listen to you. Lark had hundreds of millions of conversations with people like you.

== Developed by World Best ==
Lark was created by Stanford and Harvard health professionals, professional sports coaches and nutritionists: she is as smart as everyone else. The best thing is that the lark is there for you 24/7 at any time when you want to sign up or need advice. After a few seconds, it will check your recent activity and give you great feedback.

== Proven for work ==
And the best thing is that Lark works! In fact, talking to Lark in just a few minutes a day has been shown to improve health habits by 23%. See what these happy lakers say …

– "I wanted to get better and lose weight before graduating from college and making healthy meals and being a more active part of my life from now on." I lost 10 pounds with a joke. – Cassandra (user of the lark)
"Lark helps me maintain meaningful physical activity and weight control, I think Lark is the best coach and supporter." – Pastormarvin (App Store Review)
– "I lost almost 7 pounds since starting and using your app has pushed me to my goal more than anything I've done before." – Nick (Lark user)
– "Larks actually helped me lose weight because I wanted a personal trainer, but they are expensive!" – Sophy (Lark user)

Chat Lark is FREE, but full of features you'll love:

Extra No extra hardware required – works automatically only with your phone or phone + Apple Watch
Sleeping, activity and watching the meals in one place
Diet and Exercises 1-on-1 Exercise
– 24/7 support – Send text with your personal coach at any time and get a response for 2 seconds
Ely Extremely easy to use – just like a friend's text messages
Weight Loss and Fitness Workout, developed by Stanford and Harvard's behavioral change experts, professional coaches and nutritionists
Ly Friendly personalized reminders to help you reach your goals
Be Can be used alone or in addition to popular programs and diets such as weight watchers and more
Your Use low power sensors on your phone so it does not drain your battery

Download Lark Chat today. And go to a happier, healthier, haircut.