Simple steps to achieve optimal health 6/14/18 2

Simple steps to achieve optimal health 6/14/18

Watch this presentation to see incredible transformation recommendations from Dr. Brenda Isen, Dr. Elsa Gutierrez, Dr. Dermatology, Dr. Delia Garcia, MD (oncology), Mark Blankspore, DPT (Physiotherapy), Grex Rex, Debbie Baumeel and David Bush!

Discover Your Optimal Health (Session 1)

Learn the simple steps to take on healthy habits, eat healthier, lose and / or maintain healthy weight, manage and achieve optimal health while being inspired by others who do it or who have done it with the OPTAVIA program.

During this session you will learn …

– Safe and satisfying ways to lose weight
– Tactics for motivation to achieve your health goals
– Simple steps to develop healthy habits
– Secrets to maintain a healthy body weight
– Why 85% of dieters earn their weight
– How many calories are needed for optimal health
– Tips for healthy eating, exercise and energy
– Strategies for achieving optimal health

Overview of OPTAVIA Coach Opportunities (Session 2)

Do you want to learn how to achieve your goals by helping others achieve optimal health? During this session, participants will learn about the benefits of coaching in healthcare, the steps to become certified coaches and answers to the following questions …

1. What are the 6 reasons why employees work with health coaching?
2. How does the health coach work?
3. How long does it take?
4. How to pay?
5. What training is required and provided?
6. What skills are needed?
7. How does Villanova Higher School of Nursing participate in the Certification Program?
8. What are the medical managers involved in the program and what clinical trials have been made?


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