Creating pelvic health - Introduction 2

Creating pelvic health – Introduction

Welcome! I hope to enjoy these beautiful videos created for you. Your pelvic floor is an important part of the bladder, gut, reproduction and sexual health. I wanted to offer something that allowed me to share what I have learned over the years as a physiotherapist and yoga therapist, helping men and women to optimize the health and functions of their pelvic floor.

These practices focus on the role played by the pelvic floor in breathing, posture, hip function, key moment and constant balance, and captured in breathtaking natural settings with Mike Bernard's spectacular cinematography and solid music created specifically by Trance Blackman with special care and attention to the intentions of every practice.

Healthy pelvic floor muscles should be able to engage in functional and coordinated ways of determining time with other muscle groups and, like other muscles, it is important that the pelvic floor muscles are flexible and capable of being released and relaxed. the ability to navigate throughout the entire trip during the breathing cycle. These videos address these concepts:

Part A: "Pelvic floor relaxation": A 30-minute practice to release pelvic floor muscles by knowing, visualizing and breathing the pelvic floor during careful movements and yoga poses.

Part B: "Engaging the pelvic floor muscles": A 40-minute practice that involves engaging the pelvic floor muscles with various careful movements and yoga poses integrated with breath.

I also included a free bonus feature, "Toilet Meditation," where I'm pointing you through the 6 stages of deliberate tolling I've created to help improve the awareness and relaxation of pelvic floor muscles to help completely empty intestine and bladder.
* This bonus feature is available to you for free if you buy videos from Part A and Part B above as a Buy All package.

** These practices are not intended to act as a cure for your particular problem, nor to replace your current treatment. Please consult your healthcare professional before starting this program to see if there are any precautions or contraindications to follow and whether the relaxation of the pelvic floor muscles, the engagement or the combination of them are shown to you.

These videos are designed to help create, improve, and maintain optimal pelvic floor health or to complement your current treatment as indicated and supervised by your doctor. Please know that the health of the pelvic floor is also influenced by our thoughts, emotions, what we eat, how we react and manage stress, and how we connect and connect with ourselves, others and the world around us.

I sincerely hope you enjoy these practices, appreciate nature and music, and hope that they will make a change in your life in a valuable way.

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