Her name is CALLA for group therapy 2

Her name is CALLA for group therapy

Listening to Home Record Vs. I'm going to a concert sharing experiences with a crowd of strangers: this was the starting point for these little films I made for group therapy to promote a concert at the Sebright Arms on December 12, 2013.

London is a city that can sometimes offer too much and our decision where to go becomes harder and harder. Music, like any other form of art, can turn into cold entertainment, devoid of what lies behind it.

All I wanted to do with this movie is to get into the music world behind the music, go "behind the scenes" and have the opportunity to uncover the people who work to create this shared experience.

THE NAME HAS KALLA kindly let me take pictures of them during their Lester practice. This movie is a snapshot of an afternoon in their company.

NAME IS KALLA: www.hernameiscalla.com

GROUP THERAPY: www.grouptherapypromotions.tumblr.com

SEBRIGHT ARMS: www.sebrightarms.co.uk

GIORGIO BOSISIO: www.giorgiobosisio.com