Pereg - Quinoa Pops 2

Pereg – Quinoa Pops

Pereg Natural Foods is a family company that has been in business for more than 100 years, specializing in over 60 varieties of gourmet food products. The last addition to your old grains is heart healthy kiwi grain – a slow turnaround to the protein factory! Available in 4 flavors, Quinoa Pops are dense nutrients, all natural and ideal for well-rounded treatment at any time of the day.

Squat New York has designed the packaging using colorful, eye-catching colors to match the delicious sweet tastes and playful crisis. To look like the real POPs! the effect of the logo, we combined cursive calligraphy with blind embossing for raised texture. Explosive lines and illustrated polkadots cause a playful look that makes Quinoa Pops appear on the shelves.

Presented in: IdN Magazine, The Drum Creative Showcase, The Dieline