The Basil Seed Diet ... And How It Can Help You Lose Weight Quickly! 2

The Basil Seed Diet … And How It Can Help You Lose Weight Quickly!

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When it comes to throwing extra pounds, it's hard to know where to start. Sabja seeds or Thai basil seeds offer a natural alternative as there is a huge array of slimming products, diets and gadgets on the market, all make wild promises to burn fat and slim figure, and it can be difficult to determine which ones work and which do not.

Losing fat naturally … is it possible?

Of course, of course, the best way to lose weight is to use only natural products, not chemicals that can harm your health. However, most people when they hear the word "naturally" suggest that we are talking about living with lettuce and cabbage soup … aga! Fortunately, this is not the case. Let us introduce the natural way of nature to lose weight … Thai Basil Seeds!

Introduction of Thai fresh basil seeds

First of all, just to highlight, the Thai basil seed candles are different from the Thai Basil. Thai Holy Basil, though delicious and extremely nutritious, will not offer you any weight loss benefits.

Thai basil seeds or saber seeds, on the other hand, will certainly be. These vegetarian seeds have a remarkable ability to absorb water, making them incredibly complete … not to mention extremely low fat. They have been used as a thickening agent in Thai cuisine for years, but only recently broken diets have realized the benefits of weight loss offered by these modest seeds.

How To Help You Lose Weight?

The main problem with diet is the feeling of hunger. When we feel hungry, it is inevitable for our hands to slide to the biscuit jar or sneak into the refrigerator to get a snack at night.
The Basil seed diet is becoming more and more popular on both sides of the Atlantic, thanks to its remarkable benefits of satiety. In simple words, these small seeds are seriously filling you! Although they are not particularly nutritious (and therefore should be consumed as part of a healthy diet), they provide a fantastic, natural way to feel fuller for a longer time. Believe it or not, these small seeds can absorb thirty times more of their own weight in the water. They swell in the stomach, causing you to feel pleasingly full, not sadly hungry.
They are also high in fiber, which is great for your digestion.

How to eat Thai fresh basil seeds?

They are very flexible seeds and can be added to many different foods. In Southeast Asia they are often used in pudding mixed with tapioca; although we would not recommend eating puddings if you are trying to lose weight quickly!

They are very easy to embed in a delicious fruit shake, or you can add them to soup or cooking.

Are not they the same as Chia seeds?

Sabja's seeds are often mixed with Chia Seeds, as both can absorb plenty of water. Both are excellent for helping a diet to lose weight. However, the Chia seeds deliver much more food (they are full of omega 3 and 6 oils, as well as other essential fatty acids and antioxidants).

Where Vasilium seeds really come in their own is their fiber content. Fiber is vital to a healthy digestive system, and basil seeds can really help you keep "regular", not to mention that your body is capable of fully absorbing nutrients.

Many dieters often choose to include both Chia and Basil Seeds in their daily diets to provide nutrition and keep them full without consuming unnecessary calories.
A glass of basil of Thai basil water, ready to drink. Are there any side effects?

Thai St. Sebastian Basil have been used in Southeast Asia for centuries to help obese people throw pounds. Only in the last decade Europeans and Americans have begun to include them in their diets.

As a result, much is not known about their side effects. However, studies have been carried out to assess the safety of basil seed when added to food, and they have been considered safe.

There are no reports of side effects from the use of Basil seeds. However, Seeds of Basil contain an estragole; a natural organic compound believed to be carcinogenic and genotoxic. Before you start panic, studies show that provided that the seeds are consumed reasonably, the levels of the consumed estragole are minimal and thus will not cause an adverse effect on the body.

Nevertheless, we always recommend talking to a doctor if you have any concerns about eating them. They are not recommended for persons under 18 or pregnant women; and we would recommend that they be used moderately as part of a healthy diet.