Health Benefits of Green Tea Damian Alexander, MD discusses health benefits of green tea 2

Health Benefits of Green Tea Damian Alexander, MD discusses health benefits of green tea

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In this video, I discuss
Health benefits of green tea
As medical scientists continue to uncover the health benefits of green tea,
One might think that these findings are of newer origin
In fact, the Western world is growing
Green tea preventive effects tend to overshadow
What Asian cultures have known for thousands of years:
That green tea is one of nature's most potent agents in
Protects the body against a variety of diseases
In other words, Western culture is just rediscovering what Easterners have long since found out
Asian populations who regularly consume green tea have lower overall cancer levels
In 1994, researchers compared the Shanghai Cancer Institute
Green tea drinks to non-drinkers in a large population study in China
They found that in non-smokers, drinking green tea was associated with fewer cancers in the esophagus
People in China and Japan have always had lower rates of heart disease
Compared to their western counterparts
Most researchers now accept it
Green tea is at least partly responsible for this discrepancy
The results of human studies in recent decades show that
Green tea consumption is correlated with lower levels of cholesterol
Thus, a risk factor for cardiovascular disease modulates
A study of heart disease risk in men showed it
A higher dietary intake of flavonoids, mainly from tea,
Was associated with reduced mortality from cardiovascular disease
Higher flavonoid intake was also
Correlated with decreased incidence of myocardial infarction or myocardial infarction
Summary, consumption of green tea is a proven dietary intervention as
Lowers the risk of heart disease
(number 1 cause of death) and
Thus, real hope for those who want to live longer, disease-free lives
In this video we have discussed
Health benefits of green tea