LOGGING Food: the future of food: food insects 2

LOGGING Food: the future of food: food insects

Meet one of our innovators of LAUNCH, Entomo Farms. Entomo Farms enhances and produces the highest quality ingredients of insects that are easily added to each diet, providing healthy nutrients to humans and relieving environmental tensions caused by current farming practices. When the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations issued the paper "Edible Insects: Future Prospects for Food and Feed", the founders of Entomo Farms knew that they could provide Western human-class insects as a protein alternative for improving human health and health help alleviate the stress that other types of proteins have placed on the planet. Entomo Farms has worked hard to produce refined insect dust from 100% organic, dry roasted crickets because they knew that trying to persuade Western people to crush creatures can be a very difficult task. Now consumers can easily add food-density protein powder to something they cook or bake; biscuits, muffins, bread, soups, salad dressings, shakes, etc. Dust does not change the taste, then nutrients are packed in food that otherwise may have a very low nutritional value and the environmental footprint of that food is small compared to any other source of protein.