Robot for rehabilitation 2

Robot for rehabilitation

Associate Professor Toshaki Tsuji at the University of Saythama has developed a R-cloud, a rehabilitation robot that allows users to see how their own muscles move during rehabilitation and training.

"This rehabilitation helper is used to strengthen the hands. The moving parts use pneumatic muscles and provide support with slight movements, so it's very safe. this information is visible but also has a function that determines and evaluates the effect of the training. "

The R-cloud calculates subtle muscle movements and quantifies them in data that allow physiotherapists to provide accurate motion instructions and patients to confirm their own movements.

"This robot has a force sensor and a corner angle sensor." Based on the data collected by these sensors, calculations are made about the strength of the muscle contraction in the arm as well as the amount of calories consumed by each muscle during So the robot is equipped with technology that measures the effectiveness of learning, and we also use technology with added reality to make these results visible.

Through the measurement data collected during the training, the Tsuji Laboratory builds a rehabilitation cloud system that will promote effective rehabilitation.

"We would like these robots to be used for rehabilitation in hospitals, homes for the elderly and private homes after injury or use as a preventative measure before an injury."