Sports and exercise 2

Sports and exercise

The sports and exercise program prepares students to work in sports, entertainment, health and / or fitness centers. From private clubs to public facilities, trained managers, instructors and programmers are needed to develop, train, staff, and implement programs to address the needs of the public or specific clients / populations, in accordance with local, state and federal requirements. guidelines.

The exercise of science, training for strength and resistance, risk management, human nutrition, anatomy, physiology, sports business / marketing as well as health and physical education courses mixed with the college coursework on general education will develop the skills needed to obtain a managerial or technical position within the sports and fitness hall.

The Sports and Exercise Program offers three specialties from which to choose: Exercise, Physical Education and Sports Management.

Upon completion of the Associate Degree in a Sports and Exercise Program, the alumni will be able to: define the target market for sports and exercise programs using evidence-based evidence. Use assessment as a means of continuously improving sports and exercise programming. He actively seeks career opportunities. Model the physical activity of your lifestyle.

Graduate "Exercise for Science" will be able to: • Exactly interpret data on health assessment and risk stratification. Perform standard measures to assess physical fitness. Use assessment-based data in consultation with the needs and interests of your clients to develop prescriptions for exercises. Track the physiological responses of the client to meet prescriptions by defining the appropriate goals if needed. Educate your customers and community about the benefits of increased physical activity throughout your life.

Graduate Physics and Recreation will be able to: Coordinate overall sports programming to meet institutional goals and tasks. Choose and evaluate coaching staff and related staff in a sporting setting. Provide additional sources of funding for private and / or public sports programs. Demonstrate applicable research and sporting technologies. Choose appropriate pedagogical methods for sports. Design and management of physical equipment and equipment to ensure a safe, appropriate and neutral facility.

Graduate "Sports Management" will be able to: Demonstrate skills for planning and administering effective recreational, fitness, wellness and sports activities in the community. Evaluate the potential for changing behavior in every customer, creating maximum opportunities for success. Demonstration of organizational and administrative guidance in the implementation of sports and training programs through the creation of program guidelines, risk management plan and financial and budgetary management.