ORGANIC IRELAND: Interview with an organic farmer 2

ORGANIC IRELAND: Interview with an organic farmer


ORGANIC IRELAND: Interview with Organic Farmer, 19 min, 2012 (directed by Laika Begum Karadogan)

One has to ask at one point what a good quality of life means in the 21st century. Just as automated agriculture and fast food are becoming more prevalent, modern European Union countries are increasingly beginning to promote organic farming. Organic Ireland is a short documentary focused on a longtime farmer, Tom, who lives and works on a self-sustaining farm in Southeastern Ireland. Based on New Ross, Tom explains the philosophy of organic farming and its goal of achieving a balance not only in diet and nutrition, but also in the soil where our food comes from. His philosophy is not just an alternative to fast, loud, urban life (which automated farming seems more skillful in maintaining), but hope for small farms that do not seek to earn, but make food without losing energy and causing soil damage.

Accompanied by a collage of scenes from a Celtic television show featuring Irish folk music, the documentary film presents the Irish cultural environment that Tom is fully intertwined with organic farming.