Health Behavior Change Training 2

Health Behavior Change Training

Grant Hovik, MA, UCLA Integrated Substance Abuse Programs
Thomas E. Freese, Ph.D., UCLA Integrated Substance Abuse Programs

You can download the handouts / worksheets referenced in the training here:

This training will introduce providers to the importance of integrating mental health treatment with treatment for physical and substance use disorders. Given that physical health affects consumers' mental health and overall well-being, providers will learn how to conceptualize how people make decisions about their health. The training will focus on the use of the Health Belief Model to understand the factors that affect health behaviors, why people behave in unhealthy ways, and how to support healthier choices. Understanding how people make decisions about their health helps to tailor interventions to the needs and decision-making process of consumers. Providers will learn about a variety of behavioral health tools that can help consumers make positive health changes, including Motivational Interviewing and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. The training will also include realistic case studies for participants to practice their skills in behavioral health treatment to help consumers improve their overall health.