The basics of yoga therapy is therapeutically oriented training 2

The basics of yoga therapy is therapeutically oriented training

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Yoga is an extremely practical methodology for vital health, psychological stability and joyful life. It is based on a holistic healing approach that applies to the whole person in an interrelated way (body, mind, emotion, behavior, breath and spirit). We train teachers to maintain health, promote healing, and facilitate personal transformation.

The Yoga Institute is an organization dedicated to the practice of yoga, which teaches Sri Krishnamacharya through his son, TKV Desikachar, in all its forms. We particularly emphasize the importance of maintaining a daily personal practice that is guided by an experienced mentor. All our Yoga Institute teachers have studied and applied this approach to yoga for many years and maintain their day-to-day practice, guided by their mentors.

We believe that yoga is first and foremost an advantage, and so we strive to make all of our individual sessions, educational programs, trainings and activities relevant to real life and practically useful. Our main goal is to provide experience and information that can be easily understood and used. So what we learn can be applied in our everyday life, in our relationships, and in our practice. It's really yoga for health, healing and beyond.