ECO-808 X-TOP Bike 2

ECO-808 X-TOP Bike

Magnetic folding bike of great resistance. It allows the lower body without risk,
in addition to a complete cardiovascular training of legs, hips and buttocks.
Folding static bicycle with magnetic performance.
pedal more agile and silent
• Heart rate monitor showing heart rate during training.
LCD screen showing the time, speed, calories
consumed, distance traveled and pulsations.
Built-in SCAN function
• 8 Variable resistance levels to simulate plains and
mountains. Inertia flywheel 3 kg. The best fluid
transmission per belt. Easy to move thanks to its
transport wheels.
• Advanced comfort ergonomic seat for an optimal
training position, thanks to its design and its full
adjustable elements.
• Pedals with straps for greater safety and maximum

Multifuction control panel
SCAN: Automatically searches through
of each function.
TIME: Displays the entertainment time.
SPEED: Displays the speed of
training in progress.
DISTANCE: Displays the distance traveled
accounted for during training.
CALORIES: Displays total calories
consumed during training.
ODO: Shows the total distance accumulated
during all workouts.
SET: when above the parameter
press SET to program it.
Includes heart rate monitor function.
Product measure- 118×53.5×97 cm
Box Measures 118x40x21 cm
Weight 17 kg
Groupag e 1 / caja 15 / pallet
Power / Frequency 220/230 V 50-60 Hz 70W