Joyful dependence - mental health 2

Joyful dependence – mental health

Please see my blog that accompanies the forthcoming full-length version of The Joy Addiction:

I'm a director in London. Over the last few years, we have been working very closely with various companies to make short videos to help draw attention to the fight against mental health. These videos have been successful, the latest one being advertised by the charity organization "Time for Change" and shared on their Twitter page, reaching an audience of 221,000 people ( / change- creators)

I would like to make a documentary about the global mental health outbreak we are currently facing. My plan is to make a short 15-20 minute film outlining some of the social, economic and philosophical causes of depression and anxiety. I will use this short "proof of concept" to generate some consciousness but also to use together with a larger research project for further funding that this study will be provided to different funding bodies and will lead to a longer, an in-depth documentary,

The documentary will be objective and impartial. I will use interviews with both academic professionals and people who have suffered from depression. It is important that no aspect blames or attempts to identify the ultimate cause. I hope that only by presenting facts and information in a certain way will demystify some of the common mental health problems within the UK and a clearer picture of depression will be gained.

My common goal is to help change some social prospects, not only for mental health but also for some of the causal factors