"Minus E" Thanks Fast 2015 Pt. 1 2

"Minus E" Thanks Fast 2015 Pt. 1

Blurb: From college and from my adult life, I loaded this feast with potato puree on my holiday in December for mostly financial reasons. In principle, 30 days off, Christmas has a precedent, throws Thanksgiving as my priority break. I've either been away from home, I've been working or just failed to make plans for hardening. For many years I had been celebrating video chatting with my family showing meals on portable devices. After all, this is the digital age. And in this age, I also struggle, like many Americans, with low wages and trade pressures. So this year, like another Day of Turkey, spent in lee on the bigger, more winter festivals, I wanted to try something new.

There was no one to cook and many dinners were happening elsewhere (ungrateful for the few invitations I received) and suddenly realized that I could turn this holiday and choose to fast on Thanksgiving. My reason is: to compare my own experience with the mass consciousness of consumption, I hope to appreciate the food even more. First of all, I'm in a new chapter of my life, I really live alone, according to my rules. I am also a vegetarian, so the watering of the bird is far from my list. Thirdly, I want to know in the best way how happy I am. With so many recent rhetoric about political issues, social injustices, and so on. I want to flatten the proverbial game and get out of the highest rate that spends time, money and effort on food and drink. With so many in need, I can not justify myself to fill my face while others are starving and struggling. Especially in 2015.

This "Minus of E-Thanksgiving", I want to honor how grateful I feel everyday that I'm not told to be grateful. Throughout the year I really try to accept and be grateful for everything related to life: good mornings and such stupid nights. Especially this year I carry the rest of personal challenges, municipal difficulties, national beliefs and global crises on the shoulders and the abdomen. Some things that are said today are really ill. But on November 26, 2015, I will take a step backwards from my own culture of adhering to the global human experience and the fate or misery of every individual.

As I said, I also have no hurry to buy Turkey. Like a lacto-vegetarian, I do not miss anything through feathered meats. I know the food is so good, and I tried my option dishes without animals that I know what to expect if I cook again. Delicious things, but unnecessary. I'm sure this decision can be misinterpreted as "non-patriotically," "self-marginalizing," "preaching," or "arrogant." And I can assume that my choices in the diet can also be ridiculed as a "lame" or "reflection of a tree hug, Toffurica, which makes Birkenstock hippie." [And side note, I am proud to be that hippie :)] But I assure you that all this comes from a place of love. Love of the life of this land, especially of my life and my own privileged situation, where I live in a country based on the right of the individual to do whatever he wants. This is my pursuit of happiness. I eat as a king 364 days a year with home-made meals and great food through my various jobs in the entertainment industry. I am surrounded and saturated with excessive consumption on a daily basis. This year I really need to feel horror of hunger to appreciate everything I have and everything else does not.

So there is no regret, please. There is no tactic for the last minute to get me into public pressure. I know what I need and it is very different from what I want. I'm trying to find a balance. I fast for 5 things: Peace, Love, Harmony, Beauty, and Namaste (what I mean by this is fasting for the light in you that is the same light in me). I want to be. Remember that we are all "others" to someone else at some point. Less is more, said my wise mother; so this year I extend my gratitude to my family and friends as well as to my communities not through shared meals but through shared experiences, however different. Please, eat me for me: for your pleasure is my pleasure and I want nothing more than we all on this planet to see what we have and what we can share. Happy Day of Turkey. Swallowing gossip and all this jazz.