Open health optimization 2

Open health optimization

Video recording of the official opening of Health Optimizing in Bergen. The speech of the speaker and the presentation of Thomas Axsen's concept is in Norwegian, and the video also contains several cultural elements by Tron Jensen.

September 30, 2013 was the official opening of the maternity clinic in a new international clinic called Health-Optimizing. Bergen's Mayor, Trude Drevland, made a wonderful speech and made the solemn ribbon cut afterwards. This is a cultural feature of Tron Jensen, among other things, with the performance of his own songs. The concept of the clinic was presented to Thomas Acnes. The mayor who has a sanitary background likes what she has heard and will come back to test the unique technologies. She stated in her statement that it is very good that the clinic of the mother of the international concept opened in Bergen. At the opening there was bread and water of the healthiest look; water health from water purification and bread with grain nipple.

The unique concept of health optimization is launched internationally, including South Africa, Chile, the United States and Sweden. Methodology and technology in all clinics are based on the model of the clinic, which was opened today at Daniel Hansens's 9th portal in Bergen. Clinics have doctors and therapists who work with innovative technologies and holistic methodology. The focus is on using the latest technology to map the causes of health problems, and then assisting the self-regulating mechanisms of the body to solve these factors as quickly and efficiently as possible. The Bergen clinic is primarily a special clinic where chronically ill people can be targeted for help they have not received elsewhere. But there is also a clinic that will be involved in various research projects. In addition, the clinic will be a place where Bergen and others will have access to innovative health products and receive health checks with the latest medical technology.