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The Minister of Social Affairs plans new places for medical research with money that is not yet available

Because Saxony managed its persistent "University Reform" 2011 in the blind street. Rather than offering enough room to study, which actually covers the need, it is simply decided to systematically reduce study places into a shy law of "University Freedom." Thus, not only important small subjects were taught, but there were too little room to study physicians.

The money is still tight. Universities failing to comply with all the provisions of the "University Freedom Law" are punished by money laundering. Therefore, they all seem to be absorbed by the funds that the federal government provides to universities. But they are actually already planned for a plug. However, Social Minister Barbara Klepsch (CDU) now wants to finance additional medical courses.

What has sounded in the Ministry of Social Affairs' message: "To finance the study place, the federal government provides funds to the provinces of the" future contract for the strengthening of study and teaching. "The Free State of Saxony is seeking the wise use of these funds. Healthcare also requires funds for further medical research sites: "If we know we need more doctors, we need to train more. To do this, we need to make good use of the resources available to us."

Open up stuff with the money that is already full of other holes

Logically, he immediately received a critique of this redistribution policy of all those who have been intensively dealing with the tedious topic of systematic insufficient financing of the university for eight years.

"It is not new that we need more places for medical research in Saxony, but it will not solve the problem of physicians' lack of care, and ultimately have to work through the departments as quickly as possible, all involved parties, including the finance minister, , a spokeswoman for the left-wing health club in the German state parliament, Susanne Schaper, commented, because the Saxon finance ministers provide a permanent lack of resources for such important future problems.

"The launch of a model model model is important, and even the Ministry of Social Affairs has finally come to the notice that ideas of balance between work and life have changed to young doctors." We also need investment in rural infrastructure so people would like to live and work there. "

The proposal of the solution, which can still be used by the "future studies on agreement and learning reinforced" recently decided by the federation and countries to increase the place of study in a medical study, considers that the political spokesman of the left faction, René Jalaß, is very concerned.

René Jalass (left). Photo: DiG / trialon

René Jalass (left). Photo: DiG / trialon

"After all, the successors of the University Pact are not additional funds for Saxon universities. Until now, these were needed to cover core tasks such as teacher training with the education package, improving the quality of teaching and financing overload, which should compensate for early job losses and continue to compensate for a high number of students, "says Jalass.

The minister wants to redistribute the funds that are urgently needed for the hole in the universities in Saxony. Jalass: "If the available funds were also used to train medical specialists, universities would have been forced to make cuts in other departments. But that's not all: it is unbelievable that the minister ignored all medium-level employment initiatives in recent years, months and weeks! "

"Future Contracts and Vocational Teaching" must be used for the release campaign in Mittelbau, a deputy request. "This opportunity must not be missed, but the state of exploitation in the academic middle class has to be finally stopped, regardless of the fact that the Free State has to take responsibility for the expansion of the capacity of the study place, which we have been demanding for years, and universities need adequate, adequate funding.

The SPD criticizes the unanswered opinion of the Minister for Social Affairs

And this time, the CDU minister also receives heartfelt criticisms of a coalition partner.

"The SPD does not conduct a policy with unquestioned checks, which would be doubtful, and the Minister of Health Klepsch (CDU) should know. Those who want more medical students must also say how it should be funded," said Dirk Panter, SPD parliamentary group chairman in the Saxon State Parliament, in the end, but again unilaterally. There can be no talk of government approval, as suggested in the SMC report.

"Minister of Science Eva-Maria Stange (SPD) has repeatedly informed the government that funds for higher education have already been awarded, with approximately EUR 75 million a year, nothing is free, which will fund the development of teacher training and the number of vacancies at universities will eventually be abolished. "

Especially with regard to EUR 23 million from the University Teacher Training Pact, Panter clearly states: "We need the money from the pact for agreed teacher education, and we have doubled the number of seats to 2,400 in order to finally get through the lack of teachers. the pact now jeopardizes the common policy of the coalition against the lack of teachers. The SPD will not play nurses against the teachers! "

There is no good chance Barbara Klepsch will continue to work as a minister after the next election. Because the problem with medical shortages is from the beginning on the table. But so far he has not made a serious proposal on how he intends to solve it.

Dirk Panter, SPD Chairman of the Bundestag in the German State Parliament. Photo: Götz Schleser

Dirk Panter, SPD Chairman of the Bundestag in the German State Parliament. Photo: Götz Schleser

"I'm always stunned by the actions of Minister of Health Klepsch," says Panter. "It was a year and a half that she had received the state parliament's order to revisit the medical care plan in Saxony, since the topic is urgent, we do not know just since yesterday, and since then almost nothing has happened in the relevant health department. 2019/20 The Minister of Health did not foresee many of the measures he is currently considering until recently, this did not play Mrs. Klepsch's role, and there were no proposals and timely plans for the implementation of measures before the end of the legislative body. since all parliamentary deadlines have been put in place for meaningful procedures, the minister introduces a little-known and undeniable pseudo-plan. "

Of course, the SPD will, in the words of Mr Panter, work to address the existing problems: "We have presented our own proposals for how we can help all regions in Saxony to provide faster, cheaper and, above all, sustained medical care, which will be an important task for upcoming legislation. "

Mittelbau from the University of Leipzig fears further job losses

The announced CDU plans of Saxony to finance the increase of the number of medical studies at universities by means of the "strengthening of Zukunftsvertrag Studium und Lehre" endanger the quality of mass teaching and will significantly aggravate the future care of students, estimates Mittelbau's initiative at the University of Leipzig thrust. There they hoped that money would at least help finally end some of the uncertain employment models in the middle class of the university.

"Therefore, the plans are in clear contradiction with the goals of the" future treaty ", and the CDU has to wonder if it really wants to impose an improvement in the doctor's rate in the country for ten or fifteen years at the expense of immediate loss of quality in the teaching of all other disciplines. creating new problems, "Dr. Dr. Thomas Riemer, Spokesperson of the Mittelbau Initiative at the University of Leipzig (MULE).

With the "Future Agreement", permanent recruitment of teaching staff at universities should actually be pursued in the following section of the Higher Education Pact. In Sasky, the resources of the university pact have so far mostly covered the additional demand for teaching staff in teaching programs. The planned 20 million euro redeployment to create new places for medical research would endanger some 300 positions in teacher education, not just in education, but wherever the subject is delivered to students.

"Teaching at the German Studies Institute, the largest institute of the largest university in Leipzig, with 75% of teachers, would fall without previously funded jobs at the University. .

On May 3, 2019, the Joint Scientific Conference (GWK) agreed on a "Future Contract for Teaching and Teaching" as the successor to the "University Pact". The university pact was launched in 2006. It is highlighted by the end of 2020 and will be replaced by a permanent contract "Future Agreement". The aim of this contract is "national high quality of study and teaching, good study conditions in the breadth of the German landscape of higher education as well as[n] demand[n] Preservation of Research Capacity in Germany "(Future Agreement, §1, sentence 1). Therefore, the countries are encouraged to use the priority of funds, especially in the development of full-time full-time employment […] University Personnel "(future contract, §1, sentence 2.) By contrast, the" future contract "does not foresee the creation of new places to study.

"We do not want to thoroughly review the need to set up additional medical research sites for a long-term improvement of German physicians' quota quotas," emphasizes Mittelbau's initiative. "However, in our opinion, the German CDU can not hope to get the funds needed on the basis of a future contract, which, according to the contract, can not be used to finance new studies, but new places to be created must be funded from their own resources country. "

But this applies to the Social Minister as long as various CDU culture ministers: she does not dare talk to the responsible finance minister of CDU Tacheles. So nothing has changed with the change of finance minister in December 2017.
The Minister of Social Affairs plans new places for medical research with money that is not yet available 2

Immediately before the deadline, the Minister of Health is a package of measures for obtaining a doctor