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500 visitors are experiencing research and study of PFH – motivational advice by Frank Buseman

19.06.2019 10:00

500 visitors are experiencing research and study of PFH – motivational advice by Frank Buseman

More than 500 interested people visited the private university PFH Göttingen in their open house on June 14th. In 20 events and many activities, the University presented research and study on the touch. For example, professors have shown how virtual reality helps in psychotherapy, how food marketing companies and how modern dentures improve the quality of life. During the discussion on the podium, Frank Busemann and Johannes Floors also provided information on how top athletes are motivated.

Together with sports psychologist PFH prof. Dr. Honey. Michael Gutmann faced Busemann, the 1996 Olympic doubles medalist in Decathlon, and Floor, the Paralympic Champion at 4×100 yards on both sides, who answered the audience. Both have been personally reported on the ups and downs in their career. The pressure to perform was either high for either of them: At one stage, flooring had completed more than 30 hours of training a week, Busemann allowed no vacations in his active time. Sustainable motivation can only come from within – from the joy of doing what you do, not from money or medal. This message stuck because the two athletes were impressively supported by their experiences. Along with Gutmanna, who is also a senior psychologist of the German Athletics Federation, they talked about doping in competitive sports, the social importance of sport and life after an athlete's career.

Self-evaluation of prosthetic feet and virtual planes
How can life on the prosthetics, such as water floors, be felt, visitors to the adjoining room could follow for some time. Students, professors and ortobionic workers studied them in the so-called. "Walkers", who simulate walking on the prosthetic feet. For the self-experience of the other kind, psychology employees gave. Virtual reality glasses have taken volunteers to classic anxiety spots, such as planes, skyscrapers, and spidery rooms. By desire and courage, anxiety situations may worsen or alleviate. In fact, virtual reality in psychotherapy can be an effective remedy for anxiety, such as prof. Youssef Shiban explained in an introductory lecture on this area of ​​PFH research.

"In the Open House, PFH has demonstrated its diversity of three departments, 27 programs and numerous application research projects, where science is not in the ivory tower, but it is always close to practice, so it was important for each visitor to be every visitor to take a look at his hands, understand everyday relationships and bring home new insights, "said Dr. Bernard RA Sierke, managing partner PFH-Trägergesellschaft.

Donations for ShelterBox
Subsequently, Sierke handed over $ 750 worth of survivable box donations to the ShelterBox disaster relief organization. On the day of the open door, the ambassadors of the project were alone with such a box, called ShelterBox, including a family tent, stove and tools on the spot. The event that visitors could donate to food and drink stands at the initiative of Rotarians, the college has increased the amount.

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