A diet that promises weight loss without giving up 2

A diet that promises weight loss without giving up

Most diets have to do with leaving. However, "a nutrition that satisfies" promises to simultaneously get the full amount and lose weight. Of course, she is not the first with such a promise. However, there is little difference compared to other hardcore babies: they have developed Canadian nutritionists as part of the study.

Translated means "satiety" as well as "filling". Counting Without Calories and Prohibitions, this diet promises to reduce weight while promoting good health.

A study group at the Canadian University

In one study, Canadian researchers tested 69 diets for men with overweight. One thing that was important to scientists was that they wanted to know what would happen if we ate food that was really saturated. They divided the men into two groups. Some should follow a diet model, others with higher protein and less carbohydrate consumption. After 16 weeks it became apparent that men in the first group reduced their weight and body fat and did not feel hungry. In the control group, 44.1% suspended the experiment.

Contents of the child

Everything is allowed, only the quantity is decisive.

Namely, this means dividing the daily amount: 20 to 25 percent protein, 45 to 50 percent carbohydrates and 30 to 35 percent unsaturated fat. Concentration is not in one food group, but needs to be balanced. After all, it is not intended for short-term nutrition, but for long-term nutritional change. Whole grains, dried fruit, fruits, vegetables, high protein foods, unsaturated fatty acids and oils, dairy products and capsicillins are permitted. As long as you are full and you do not consume anything sweet, you can interpret the weight of the food itself.

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A diet that promises weight loss without giving up 3
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