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Amazing transformation Guy loses over 360lbs of his own!

Thank you all for the very kind words. I do not know what to say …
1) What diet did you do?
a) I did not follow the "basic diet". I have just used common sense and consumed things that are widely accepted as healthy as fruits and vegetables, whole grains (oats, unprocessed whole grains such as cereals), lean sources of protein such as fish and poultry, and whole cut unhealthy food and soda. fully – yes, cold turkey. Eat fewer calories than you burn and lose weight, and you will become accustomed to seeing the food facts of the food you eat, being educated is over half the battle.

2) What kind of training have you done?
a) I did not have access to a fitness or coach, so again I did what instinctively came naturally and I went everywhere. I missed going to eat with my friends to go for a walk and met with them afterwards and I was much better for him. I went every day no matter what, adding the distance as the walk became easier. After losing most of the weight, I took up weight in the hope of building muscle mass and filling my skin.

3) What operations have you done / do you have any problems with loose skin ??
a) I did not have any surgery for a bypass or stomach or any weight loss surgery. I lost my whole weight completely alone. Naturally, I have loose skin all over my body. After losing most of the weight, I had male tits and a very large skirt of skin, which I was lucky enough to get rid of with surgery, and that was covered by my medical insurance. My is a hard case, it's not typical of what I hear.