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Ambrosia 2019 – How dangerous is a plant for allergies and how do you recognize it?

Especially in Brandenburg ambrosiais also called asthma plant. As a highly allergic plant, it poses a high risk especially for people who suffer from allergies, but even those who have not shown an allergy should try to get in touch with them ambrose plant avoid.

Ambrose plague 2019: "Asthma Plant"

ambrose plant produces about 60,000 seeds, which remain viable for up to 40 years. Up to one billion pollen can release one plant. Five pollen are enough to trigger an allergic reaction.

Pelud is small enough to enter the bronchial area, where it can cause allergic reactions. About 80 percent of all people suffering from pollen allergies also react ambrosiaabout half of which are allergic to allergic allergy. About ten o'clock pollen amphibious per cubic meter of air can cause allergies or asthma trigger.

About 12 percent of Germans are now allergic to ambrosia, According to the public database DAISIE (Delivery of Foreign Invasive Species in Europe) classifies it as one of the 100 "worst" invasive species.

ambrose plant: Even non-allergy people should be careful

Anyone who is already allergic, should be very careful. But even people who have not shown allergic reactions should be protected. because ambrosia it can also cause allergies again.

It has up to eight million people in it Germany Potentially endangered. The Helmholtz Environmental Research Center and the Allergy Center of the Ludwig-Maximilians University in Munich show that the health consequences and associated costs of treatment are substantial. Therefore, therapies and lost work can be the consequence of this ambrosia in Germany Price hundreds of millions of euros a year.

Where does it come from? ambrosia?

ambrosia was in Germany For the first time in September 1860 by the collectors Hamburg discovered. The scientific name of the asthma plant is ambrosia artemisiifolia, it is also called Fire Ambrose or ambrosia text.

Originally coming ambrosia from North AmericaIt was in the 19th century Europe brought and expanded first in the priority Southeast EuropeThen it was assumed ambrosia would not get a cold German climate.

For one, however, the climate was in Central Europe On the other hand, the mood is getting milder ambrose plant customized time. The European young plant is resistant to frost and more frequently and slows faster.

ambrose plant spread in Germany from

Today is ambrosia in Germany in places that are very widespread – for example, on green strips on motorways, busy islands, brown fields, but also in private gardens.

Especially in sunflower fields, allergy pain finds perfect conditions among broad rows of flowers.

Ambrosia Blossom 2019: When Will It Be Over Again?

ambrosia Typically, the breasts from April to August. When it begins to bloom, a perennial plant can release up to one billion pollen, which, according to medical experts, is among the strongest allergen in the plant world. According to American studies, the ambrosium may be roughly twice as large asthma cause like other plants.

in Germany blooms ambrosia but of July to partially in December and thus expands the suffering of people suffering from allergies

How to recognize asthma plant?

ambrosia it can easily be replaced with other plants. However, there is a difference in comparison to that ambrosia The plant can identify: ambrosia Reduces growth by about 10 to 15 centimeters. So, while all other plants continue to grow, ambrosia held. Here, you should be skeptical and more closely to check whether this may be an embarrassing allergy facility.

That's how it is recognized ambrosia:

ambrosia It has very unobtrusive flowers that sit in different plant locations

– Women's flowers are inside Knäulen placed in the axis of the list

– Men's flowers stand out as dense grapes with stem ends and dust from thousands of yellow pollen

– The height of the plant varies depending on the site: on dry soil it remains relatively small at about 10-15 cm, while it can grow up to 2 m in soil rich in nutrients.

– Leaves ambrosia they differ from those commonly played on the bottom of the list: Foliage ambrosia are under smooth and greenhowever, those plain worms are white

– Stalactite ambrosia are mostly reddish and hairy, very robust and strong.

Ambrose Pig 2019: What Can Be Made Against Asthma Plant?

against ambrosia it only helps one thing: picking. And with root. Even if all the plants in their garden are thoroughly removed, the seed can survive for years in the soil. Therefore, check your flower bud regularly before flowering.

Tips for Removing ambrosia:

When removing ambrosia be careful. Even when touching the leaves it can lead to skin irritation and at the same time to sensitization.

Redness and itching occur in ambrosia only 20 to 30 minutes after touch. So you should use the plant do not touch your bare hands at all. Even those who are not sure whether they are actually ambrosia it is necessary, as a precaution, to wear better gloves.

• Avoid contact with the body

• When removing and disposing, wear gloves

• When disposing of the plant, it must be disposed of in a sealed waste bag. Under no circumstances should you dispose of it in the compost, because the seed can shoot again

• In addition, wear a surgical mask during the flowering period (flowering period: from July to December)

• Make sure that you pick the plant with the root – do not cut it off, cut it or burn it

• Continue to observe the place of the ambrose – more seeds can germinate

• Pay special attention to bird food (Meisenknödel or Meisenringe)

Some states and cities in Germany go fight ambrosia Plant systematically. in Berlin become something called "Ambrosia-Scouts"It was used by the Senate to wander around the city and grope all the plants on their way."

EU At least it is trying to slow the spread by tightening the seed guidelines. In preparations such as chopped knedle often include allergy plant seeds.

Exhaust gases cause a more aggressive effect pollen amphibious

It's for study Ulrike Frank in the center of Helmholtz Munich ambrosia They are exposed with nitrogen oxides for adapting the conditions on motorways. Then mixes the pellet extract mixed with blood serums of people suffering from allergies.

The result: Responses to pollen exposed to exhaust gases were significantly higher than those of normal pollen. Since polluted pollen formed other proteins – Fine dust and nitrogen oxides lead to great stress in ambrose plant and with him also aggressive pollen.

In addition, air pollution also stress for the human body. So there is a more aggressive pollen irritated immune system.

It causes additional new allergies. This phenomenon occurs not only in ambrose plant, but also in other allergic plants.

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