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Between demo coal and Kirchentag: police NRW in stress

Long Corpus Christi Weekend brings Einsatzhundertschaften from NRW a lot of working hours. But they know that such tests are stressful.

The North Rhine-Westphalia police are preparing for the long weekend of Corpus Christi. Several thousand civil servants will be mainly in the Protestant Kirchentum in Dortmund and on announced climatic protests in Rhine lignite in action. All Einsatzhundertschaften police officers were "in boots," he said on Wednesday from the security circuits. However, NRW's police are quite accustomed to such stress tests by many major annual or controversial Bundeslige games.

While the protection of Kirchentag with about 100,000 expected visitors is largely supported by the police administration in Dortmund, which originates from various coalition demo-premiers in Tagebaurand among the estimated police forces and officials from other federal states. Since the RWE energy companies have to expect unlawful actions in the factory premises, the police teams for altitude intervention are also on standby. In large-scale situations, it is common for the police in the country to support each other. When Pegides' demonstrations in East Germany reached their peak a few years ago, 18 percent from North Rhine-Westphalia was even allocated to other federal states for 750,000 hours – a record at that time also prompted criticism within the police.