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BUCCOTHERM – Dental and oral care with thermal water

BUCCOTHERM - Dental and oral care with thermal water 2

BUCCOTHERM offers the user a thermal cure for the mouth. Dental and dental care products for the whole family are made by the French family company ODOST Laboratory. The main component of all products is the Castéra-Verduzan thermal water in the southwest of France.

BUCCOTHERM tooth care products are developed in collaboration with dentists and pharmacists. Thanks to the unique and patented world, the used thermal water generates a basic pH value. It works against acidity in your mouth, thus preventing the creation of dental plaque.

The BUCCOTHERM range includes:

  • Prevention of caries for toothpaste 75ml
  • Organic toothpaste with white teeth 75ml
  • The first organic toothpaste balm 50ml
  • Baby toothpaste 2-6 years with fluoride with mango or strawberry flavor
  • Organic baby toothpaste for 3 years without fluorine with berry flavor
  • Baby toothpaste 7-12 years with fluoride and mint flavor

All products are particularly gentle and stimulate the balance of oral flora. Dental care also calms and cares about the gum's sustainability. BUCCOTHERM works 100% BEIGE:

  • Synthetic colors and tastes
  • PEG, silicones, GMOs and parabens
  • Sodium lauryl sulfate
  • Saffron and animal ingredients

The fluoride content of all products is optimally tailored to the recommended age groups and meets the dentist's recommendations.

It is worth mentioning: all BUCCOTHERM products are "ECOCERT"It has been confirmed and consists of more than 98% of the ingredients of certified ecological breeding.

In addition, BUCCOTHERM products are manufactured by the company ufsbd (Unique Francaise Pour La Sante Bucco-Dentaire) marked and recommended, UFSBD is a French association that seeks to stimulate and coordinate all efforts in oral health.

They are all available BUCCOTHERM Dental and Oral Care Products for your pharmacy at wholesale or retail OR directly.