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"Contraceptive pill should not be a general response of a gynecologist"

When the contraceptive pill came to the market in the 60's, it was considered to be a woman's self-determination. Today, many women dissociate for the opposite reason: they feel externally controlled by hormones.

At Instagram, Matiamubysofia talks about birth control pills

Sofia Tsakiridou, better known as Instagram as Matiamubysofia.

Sofia Tsakiridou, better known as Instagram as Matiamubysofia.

Instagram star Matiamubysofia, whose real name is Sofia Tsakiridou, is shocking that even young girls are still very easily overwritten with a hormonal remedy with so many side effects of a gynecologist.
In an interview with GALA, a 26-year-old girl reports her experience with hormonal contraceptives and how much contraceptive pill needed to be removed from her body. The interview raises the question of how Sofia, as an influential person, deals with the responsibility of contraceptive talks with its 500,000 Instagram followers.

Severe acne after discontinuing birth control pills

GALA: What caused your desire to sell a contraceptive pill?

Sofia: I started taking my pill when I was 15 years old. At age 21, many friends told me to feel much better without hormonal contraception. Then for the first time I realized how many years I took hormones.

And what advice did your gynecologist give you?

You have no problem, take a contraceptive pill, but it's been said. There are no alternatives that do not contain hormones, but the spiral is cut only in a subordinate clause. It shocked me as a young woman because I was looking for a doctor's advice. Three years later, I stopped taking the pill. Then I did not know what would be the consequences.

What are the changes you notice with the contraceptive contraceptive pill?

My body changed a lot. By abolishing the contraceptive pill I lost the water retention and thus decreased. This also means that I wear one glass less today. My skin changed most. Fortunately, I was spared hair loss, but for that I had very bad acne, which lasted almost two years and put a lot of stress on me.

The contraceptive pill was no longer an option

After stopping birth control pills, many women are struggling with severe acne and stains. Have you considered re-taking the pill?

I can understand that many women do that. It was not OK for me because it would cause even greater hormonal chaos in the body. Besides, I'll have to throw it away if I want kids one day and then again through this bad phase. Generally, I have never had such a good body feeling like today.

I think it's intriguing what a woman's body says, if you just listen carefully.

Do you know that your cycle is better today?

Yes, for example, under the influence of contraceptive pills, I would never be able to say when I had ovulation. Now I have an exact period. Since I stop taking a tablet, I deliberately take spare time and try to know what my body needs. The stressed body reacts differently to the relaxed body. With that knowledge, I also got acne under control.

Do you think young girls can tell when you say online that you stopped taking the pill and now you listen to your own body feeling?

It's hard for me girls to have contraceptive tablets because they have menstrual pains. Instead, I personally discovered that much is about eating and rest. I want to tell and explain to young girls what their alternatives are without hormones. I think it is great when there is an exchange between women in social media and topics such as contraception are being discussed more openly.

Gynecologists need to know more about hormone-free contraceptive methods

How old are your followers on average?

Most are aged 25 to 35. So you're not so young. It is also questionable when 15-year-olds start using the application or temperature method to prevent them. But a contraceptive pill should not be a general response of a gynecologist, and young women need to be better explained, including, for example, spiral ones.

What alternative contraceptive pill are you preventing today?

My friend and I use condoms. Contraceptive tablet is the simplest solution in many men's eyes, but very few people know what this means for a partner and her body.


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Prevention is a big topic and every body responds differently. Look for advice from your gynecologist.